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Antitrust Case Against Google an Important Step

Scope and Breadth of the Harms From Google’s Monopoly Requires Further Action From Federal Agencies and State Attorneys General

Washington, DC -- The following is a statement from Sarah Miller & David Segal, Co-Chairs of Freedom From Facebook & Google, about the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Google:

“The DOJ lawsuit has been a long time coming, and after years of abusing its power, Google is finally starting to be held accountable in a bipartisan way for its monopolistic behavior and harms - starting with the recent House Judiciary investigation and report and continuing with this aggressive action. While this lawsuit addresses the way Google has illegally protected its monopoly over search and search advertising, there is still a lot more work to be done in terms of regulating Google’s other antitrust abuses.
“As we and many other organizations stated in our recent letter to the National Association of Attorneys General we look forward to seeing additional enforcement action from them addressing these harms.
“Despite the efforts that are still needed, this lawsuit is a critical and welcome step towards breaking up Big Tech’s power and putting an end to its monopolistic and harmful practices.”


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