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Freedom From Facebook & Google Welcomes New Facebook Front Group

Washington, DC -- Mere days after announcing their new “Supreme Court,” Facebook has been busted for trying to evade scrutiny and antitrust laws yet again. Turns out all of their happy talk about reforming and fighting COVID misinformation was P.R. cover while the tech giant has been quietly working to stand up a political advocacy group called American Edge, designed to “combat U.S. lawmakers and regulators trying to rein in the tech industry.”

Yep, that’s right - in the middle of “uncontrollable” spread of coronavirus misinformation, while profiting from ads boasting fake cures and harmful information, allowing ad targeting to “pseudoscience” audiences and anti-stay-at-home protests to organize on the platform, and on the heels of launching a COVID “Data for Good” endeavor to harvest even more of our personal information, Facebook has created a lobbying group with the aim of convincing lawmakers to give it more power.

And while the new kids on the block just wanted to fly under the radar, we’re pulling up the welcome wagon, anyway. Leading the group is Susana Martinez, former Governor of New Mexico, who was the subject of multiple lawsuits filed by her own police force, and whose fundraising was the subject of an FBI investigation. She’s joined by Josh Ashbrook, former aide to Mitch McConnell and founder of Cavalry, a right-wing political firm, Bradley Smith, former Republican commissioner on FEC, turned law professor in Ohio, Chris Carney, former Congressman from Pennsylvania, Jim Papa, Partner at Global Strategy Group, and Danny Diaz, Founding & Managing Partner at FP1 Strategies.

To the newbies in the group, allow us to introduce ourselves, we’re the gadfly Facebook just can’t squash.

Facebook has their own laws of physics - for every “good” thing Facebook does, there is a massively unequal and opposite shady agenda they’re trying to push under the cover of positive PR. If it wasn’t already clear, Facebook’s Supreme Court is a farce meant to distract; the company is really focused on assembling a goon squad to target those sounding the alarms. Though designed to do the opposite, Facebook’s creation of a lobbying group is by far and away the clearest evidence for why Congress needs to regulate and break up this power-hungry monopoly.


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